"A 360 View of How Others
Perceive You."

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Course Length:
1 Day (9:00AM-4:00PM)

Average Class Size:
8-15 participants

Materials Included:
Participant Guide
Action Planning Guide

Emotional Wisdom                                  Download pdf format

Course Overview

Understanding your emotions helps to guide decision-making and strengthen relationships with others. The difference between using an emotion impulsively and using an emotion with integrity is self-awareness. The more aware we become of what our emotions are telling us, the more information we have to guide our actions and interactions with others.

It is our human connections that elevate our level of commitment to our work on an individual, team, and organizational level. By gaining an understanding of the intentions behind our own emotions and behaviors, and how others interpret those intentions, we are able to enhance our emotional connections with others.

Expected Results

  • Develop an understanding of the information provided by your emotions
  • Gain an expanded view of your strengths and abilities as perceived by others
  • Recognize areas for change in order to make the biggest impact
  • Improve decision making ability by utilizing emotional wisdom
  • Develop a 4-week Action Plan to enact changes in your personal and professional life