"A 360 View of How Others
Perceive You."

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Course Length:
1 Day (9:00AM-4:00PM)

Average Class Size:
8-15 participants

Materials Included:
Participant Guide
Action Planning Guide

Energy Follows Thought                         Download pdf format

Course Overview

Our thoughts create our reality. This is not just a theory of our attitudes and perspective on the world – it is a core concept of quantum physics. No matter how you understand it, this is a powerful concept in changing the way you view your experiences and the impact you can have on your life and the lives of those around you.

We have already learned how our thoughts create changes inside our bodies in Evolving Your Mind. This course explores how that energy emerges into our environment and impacts our relationships, our organizations, and the world.

When we look outside ourselves we begin to understand the impact our thoughts have on creating energy to move us in our preferred direction.

Expected Results

  • Gain knowledge of scientific concepts of energy and its movement
  • Explore how energy influences your life and world
  • Recognize how your negative thoughts and thought patterns influence your reality
  • Learn how your health and wellness are linked to your thoughts
  • Improve your ability to shift personal perspective to attain preferred results
  • Develop a 4-week Action Plan to enact changes in your personal and professional life