"A deeper level of Self-Awareness"

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Course Length:
1 Day (9:00AM-4:00PM)

Average Class Size:
8-15 participants

Materials Included:
Participant Guide
Action Planning Guide

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Course Overview

Sharing our wisdom and perspective with others is a powerful way to give back to each other. The joy of guiding and supporting another person to reach their utmost potential is immense. The power of the mentor relationship begins with the ability of the mentor to be guided – to be a mentee.

In this course we explore our levels of self-awareness and inner confidence as the basic building blocks of creating a strong mentoring relationship. We will work to understand our own ways of learning and how they influence our style of guiding others. Although our relationships are highly personal, the mentoring relationship requires us to suspend our own personal biases to foster another's growth.

Expected Results

  • Explore the importance of deepening self-awareness as a starting point for the mentoring relationship
  • Develop the ability to learn and grow by eliminating your own barriers to personal development
  • Discover the importance of motivating and leading individuals through encouragement rather than control
  • Discuss the significance of understanding and respecting the views of others without compromising your own values and beliefs
  • Accept others' resistance as part of the process important for their growth
  • Find the courage to appreciate opinions different from your own
  • Learn approaches to improving your leadership style through empowerment of others
  • Develop a 4-week Action Plan to prepare for and guide a mentoring relationship