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Series Length:
Courses are One Day followed by a 4 week Action Plan

Average Class Size:
8-15 participants


Materials Included:
Participant Guide
Action Planning Guide

*Offered In:
Chicago, IL
Washington, DC

*Also offered at client site

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Perceptive Series

The Perceptive Series expands your horizons by involving others in the process of exploration. We gain tremendous understanding of ourselves and others by learning how others perceive us. We also learn how we support each other through shared strengths and goals. The 4 courses of the Conscious Series must be completed before embarking on the Perceptive Series, for a total of 8 courses.

Expected Results:

  • Discover ways of appreciating the present and the strengths you have to contribute to the whole
  • Determine ways of acting in alignment with your ideal situation
  • Recognize your ability to empower others
  • Learn to motivate and lead individuals through encouragement
  • Discover how the power of emotions can enhance decision making
  • Explore the impact of your thoughts and actions on others


Conscious Series + 4 Additional Courses:

Uncovering Strengths
In this course you will discover the best of your organization and yourself. By focusing on your positive attributes and experiences you will develop the basis for growth and development, moving forward with confidence.

Mindful Leadership
Sharing our wisdom and perspective with others is a powerful way to give back to each other. In this course we explore our levels of self-awareness and inner confidence as the basic building blocks of creating a strong mentoring relationship.

Emotional Wisdom
Understanding our emotions helps to guide decision-making and strengthen relationships with others. By comparing your self-perception with that of others you can find ways to increase team effectiveness.

Energy Follows Thought
Thoughts create reality. When we look outside ourselves we begin to understand the impact our thoughts have on creating energy to move in the preferred direction both individually and organizationally.