Social Responsibility

Philanthropic Mission BLTzTM

We are dedicated to the development of leadership in children through our non-for-profit organization called BLTzTM - Building Leaders for Teens.

We are committed to bringing leadership skills to children in a fun and interactive-style curriculum. Through our program, children will learn to understand how to make consciously creative choices in life. This knowledge will accelerate their growth and benefit themselves and others in profound ways. Proceeds from our regular training series goes towards scholarships, enhancements in curriculum and development of leadership schools.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The intent behind BeGreenTM applies to not only our environment, but also organizations and their employees. By encouraging employee growth and development, organizations can continue to make the most of their resources. Ongoing training allows for our most valuable resources - our people - to apply their talents, skills and abilities in the most beneficial way for the organization to move forward in an ever changing market. The continual evolution of an organization is based in the responsible management of its people.

Organizations are living entities. They must continue to evolve and adapt in order to maintain viability. The movement to BeGreenTM applies not only to responsible use of energy, but also to the responsible application of human energy - the talents, skills and abilities of employees. Employee retention is a goal of the movement to BeGreenTM.

Global Responsibility

What can we do for the environment? BeGreenTM is a movement which requires self awareness. The intention behind BeGreenTM is an honest approach to teaching how to BE self aware. Simple steps will make the difference. We have the power to decide how to live life. Being aware will impact the world in the most beneficial way. Our responsibility to change the world starts from our awareness within.