"A 360 View of How Others
Perceive You."

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Course Length:
1 Day (9:00AM-4:00PM)

Average Class Size:
8-15 participants

Materials Included:
Participant Guide
Action Planning Guide

Uncovering Strengths                        Download pdf format

Course Overview

We have been taught to look for problems and focus on finding solutions. When was the last time you appreciated something about your organization and yourself? Do you truly know where your strengths lie?

In this course you will discover the best of your organization and yourself. By focusing on your positive attributes and experiences of purpose, energy and engagement you will develop the basis for growth and development. We will explore individual strengths and what factors contribute to give life to an organization. We will discuss principles that allow for personal creativity and organizational growth. With this new perspective, you can move forward with confidence, creating an extraordinary life of clarity and vision.

Expected Results

  • Discover ways of identifying and appreciating the areas where you are most effective within your organization
  • Increase appreciation of what works well and how to lead with your strengths
  • Develop clarity regarding the future through imaging exercises
  • Explore how to seek more opportunities to work from your strengths
  • Create a supportive environment using strengths-based questioning
  • Develop a 4-week Action Plan to put the concepts into practice